Pushing the Brush,  Dancing on Rainbows
  1. Tall Tree
    Tall Tree
    oil/mixed media on 1.5 18x36 canvas
  2. Palm Tree
    Palm Tree
    oil/mixed media on 1.5 18x36 canvas
  3. Sensuous Tree
    Sensuous Tree
    oil/mixed media 18x36, on 1.5 canvas
  4. Dancing Tree
    Dancing Tree
    oil/mixed media, on 1.5 12x36 canvas
Art by Kathie Warren
  1. City on a Hill
    City on a Hill
    acrylic, 48x36, 1.5, on canvas
  2. SOLD Pink Flaminco
    SOLD Pink Flaminco
    oil on thick canvas, 30wx40h
  3. Palms in Laguna
    Palms in Laguna
    oil and wax on 16x20 3/4 canvas, textured sculpted trees
  4. Day Lilys in Mauve
    Day Lilys in Mauve
    oil, 30x24 1.5 on canvas
  5. Tropica in Blue
    Tropica in Blue
    acrylic, 24x30 on canvas. SOLD
  6. native american maiden, indian maiden at the river
    Indian Maiden
    Oil on 30x24w canvas. Inspired by an Edward S. Curtis photograph found in a book.
  7. White buffalo woman, Souix Shamen, Native American
    White Buffalo Woman
    Oil on 24x30 canvas, inspired by white buffalo woman story, and Souix Shamen, the story of the peace pipe.
  8. Red Hat lady,  textured painting
    Red Hat Lady
    Acrylic on 20x16 canvas. Textured painting

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